Extron 4in 4out Matrix Switcher, Breakaway Audio

SIMPL+ Module Crestron 2-series

Extron Matrix Switcher

What does it do?

Controls an Extron 4 input 4 output Video, RGB Matrix Switcher – with or without audio. If you are using a switcher *with* audio, this module provides breakaway control of each audio output too.

The module simply provides 4 analog inputs for video, 4 analog inputs for audio and a string output to route to the switcher. The module also paces serial output – so you can throw 8 switching commands in the same logic wave and the module will slow those commands so that the switcher does not miss any.

One Way RS232.

This module can be modified to accomodate different numbers of inputs/outputs at a small cost if you are unwilling to edit the SIMPL+. Please email us.

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