Pioneer PDP-LX5090 Plasma

SIMPL+ Module Crestron 2-series

Pioneer PDP-LX6090

What does it do?

Controls a Pioneer PDP-LX5090 or PDP-LX6090 Plasma. Currently has power control, and access to HDMI, PC and DTV inputs – but is easily expandable to other inputs. Also has an analog input for volume control.

Has a display_online_led digital output which goes high when comms are established, and goes low if the unit ever stops responding or the cable is removed/damaged.

One-way RS-232 with simple poll feedback code.

NOTE: This module uses the QMI command to poll. On older firmware plasmas this may cause the OSD to flash – update the plasmas firmware using the built in software update utility.

NOTE: Pioneer plasmas cannot access the built in tuner controls via RS-232. To use remote control commands, you have to use an IR emitter to send those commands. (?!)

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