Volume Controller Module

£40 – Ninja Volume Controller!

What does it do?

This is a NINJA of a volume controller module!!

This is a 97 source virtual volume controller, with delayed switching and multiple outputs. Sounds confusing!!

This volume module is pure SIMPL+, uses internal ramping and has some pretty funky features. I use it in *all* my own projects.

  • Allows up to 97 individual sources, and each source will retain its own volume. Switch between sources and your source will appear with the same volume you left it at.
  • Adjustable default volume – when a source is first called, this is the volume it will start at.
  • Default volume for all sources is recalled when the room is turned off.
  • Delayed volume recall. Choose to request source 1 in 2 seconds. This module will set volume to 0% for 2 seconds, allowing you to switch audio inputs, before restoring audio at the new source’s volume level. No more crash-switching!!
  • Multiple outputs! Attach one output to the room’s audio amp and another to the display speakers. You can choose which speakers the source will use.
  • Optional digital output goes high when the volume is adjusted. Perfect to attach to a popup showing the volume level!

Check out the feature video to see what it can do, and how to hook it up to your program!

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