“PayKey” Phone Home

SIMPL+ Module Crestron 2-series

What does it do?

People often ask me a similar question when programming control systems, and it’s a pretty nasty little question.

How do you ensure you’re going to get paid for programming a system?

The simple answer is “do a good job” and 99% of the time that works just fine. Always, the very next question I get asked is;

Is there a way to stop a system from working if you don’t get paid?

The answer to that question is “Yes” – but usually the system will need some kind of facility for remote users to access it. If you have that kind of access, you don’t need this module. If you don’t have that kind of access to the system, you need PayKey. This module will allow the system to periodically “phone home” to your server to be unlocked, when unlocked the module becomes inactive.

You specify how many days the user can have full control of the system, when that time expires (and you haven’t given the system permission to unlock itself) – this module will give you a signal to disable your code. The module then enters an hourly loop to check for your instruction to unlock. When payment has been made, you authorise the unlock and the module will release control of the system to the user, then become dormant.

The module will automatically become inactive 1 year after install, so replaced processors later down the life cycle will not need to be repeatedly activated.

It is strongly recommended you try and resolve monetary issues between 3rd parties before using this module. Ascii Works are not responsible for *any* use of PayKey so please use it at your own risk. By purchasing you agree to these terms, if you have not paid for this module, you are in violation of terms of its usage.

Payments are processed by Paypal and software products are delivered immediately to your email address. All downloadable software is provided unlocked – no encryption, no passwords!!

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Kevin is owner of Ascii Works & lead developer.
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