Program Info Retrieval

£20 – Return details of the loaded program

SIMPL+ Module, UMC Wrapper Crestron 2-series

What does it do?

This is a simple module to return the details of the currently loaded program. Use this to display details on the touchpanel such as:

  • Program Boot Directory
  • Source File
  • Program Filename
  • System Name
  • Programmer
  • Compile Date and Time
  • Compiler Revision
  • SYMLIB Revision
  • IOLIB Revision
  • IOPCFG Revision
  • Crestron DB Version
  • Source Environment
  • Minimum CUZ
  • Target Rack
  • This module is perfect for returning system runtime details to remote monitoring tools such as Roomview or Roomwatch.

    As firmware changes over time, some of these hookups may become redundand and hence stop working. Replacements can easily be added to the source code.

    Supplied in a sample program so you can see how it hooks up.

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