Learning SIMPL+ (3 of 10)

Course Module 3 – General Programming (£60)

It is highly recommended you start this course with part 1 available by clicking here.

Welcome to Course Module 3 of “Learning SIMPL+” – a training course designed to teach SIMPL+ programming to programmers of all experience levels.

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Designed and developed for Crestron logic symbol programmers, “Learning SIMPL+” is a training course that requires absolutely no previous code-based programming experience
This course is RISK FREE. Module 1 of the course is provided to you free of charge. If you decide you don’t want to proceed, or maybe SIMPL+ isn’t your thing, then there are no strings attached and nothing to cancel.


This is course module 3, where we’ll be taking a good look at General Programming.

General Programming? What the hell does that mean? We’ll be taking a look at integrating our new functions, and adding some calculations and some fundamental features. You may find this module quite tough if you’re new to programming – it covers a lot of ground. You should be able to put together some modules of your own after this course module.


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