We can provide you with a fixed price or daily rate for your project, and we’re available for a huge variety of work. We cover Crestron Programming and AMX Programming across all sectors, and we’re available to installers and other programmers alike.

Audio Visual Programming

  • Residential Programming
  • Commercial Programming
  • Boat and Yacht Programming
  • AMX or Crestron
  • Module creation
  • Remote support for on-site programmers
  • OEM Programming
  • Protocol Design for manufacturers
  • Re-programming – fix poorly programmed systems
  • Library of programming resources available online

Graphic Design

  • Touchpanel UI Layout
  • Touchpanel Graphical Design
  • Advanced Photoshop work

We Train Other Programmers

  • Crestron Programming
  • SIMPL+ Programming
  • Online training resources


  • General AV System Design
  • Software / Module Design


  • Remote support
  • Telephone and email support
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