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Panel Controller w/ Volume

A basic panel controller – push a button, hold a page. Also has an analog volume input to drive a volume popup.

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Volume Controller Module

£40 – Ninja Volume Controller!

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497 Day Timer

This module pulses once every X seconds, then the timer restarts. The timer never stops and can go up to 497 days between pulses.

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Non-Volatile Interlock

This is a non-volatile Interlock symbol. Press an input to latch the corresponding output and drop any other outputs.

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Non-Volatile Toggle, Pulse!

This is a non-volatile Toggle symbol. It remembers the state of the toggle and restores after a reboot. With configurable options.

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Extron 4in 4out Matrix Switcher, Breakaway Audio

SIMPL+ Module Crestron 2-series £40 What does it do? Controls an Extron 4 input…

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Are You Sure?

SIMPL+ Module Crestron 2-series £20 What does it do? Gives your system a confirmation…

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